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September 25th 2018

PC / Mac / Linux
PS Vita


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Travel back in time to change fate itself, in this beautifully crafted story-driven adventure, inspired by classic 90s action-platformers. Join timekeeper Lunais on her quest for revenge against the empire that killed her family, using time-bending powers to explore a vast, connected world. Explore an intricate, connected world with beautifully drawn and detailed pixel art environments. Traverse between the barren present and luscious past of Lachiem, collecting elemental magic orbs and combining their power to destroy enemies with blades and spells. Befriend mysterious creatures called Familiars, such as the adorable dream dragon Meyef, and train them to aid you in battle. Test your skills and timing with intense boss battles, and you venture forth to take on the Emperor himself!

About this Game

The first incarnation of Timespinner was made by Bodie for the final project for a game programming class at WWU. It was ranked 1st out of all other students' projects. A year later he decided to make the project into a full fledged indie game. The game was developed on nights and weekends over 5 years while he was working full-time in the game industry. After 4 years of working in AAA games, Bodie decided to leave to start work on Timepsinner full-time, living off his life savings, and determined to finish his dream project. Bodie set up a crowd-fund for the project in June 2014, and in a month alone successfully raised $176,667 to complete Timespinner, with the help of 5,751 backers. The game is now preparing for release on PC, Mac, Linux PS4 and PS Vita.


  • Control the Timespinner to bend time to your advantage, evading foes, using them as platforms and solving puzzles
  • Discover a lovingly-crafted, beautiful pixel art world and uncover a rich story universe
  • Explore both the past and present of Lachiem, from grand medieval castles, to sparkling serene lakes, a bustling metropolis and even a space-age laboratory!
  • Clobber enemies with Magic Orbs which grow in power the more you use them
  • Befriend mysterious Familiars and train them to aid you in battle
  • Take on challenging boss battles with an emphasis on skill, timing and dodging
  • Locate hidden areas and treasures through secret walls and platforming puzzles
  • Invite a second player to join the adventure by controlling Lunais’ Familiar in local co-op mode
  • Rock out to a gothic PS1-style soundtrack by Jeff Ball (composer for Tiny Barbarian DX and violinist for Steven Universe) with retro SFX by Power Up Audio (Crypt of the Necrodancer, Celeste, Into the Breach)


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About Lunar Ray Games

Lunar Ray Games is an independent game company founded by Bodie Lee in 2014. We aim to create games using nostalgic elements from our favorite SNES and PSX titles: beautiful pixel-art, addicting music, tight gameplay, and tons of exploration. Our current project, Timespinner, is a 2D Metroidvania platformer being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and PS Vita.

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